Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Traditional Coin Generation vs. Coin Generators in FIFA 13

Fifa 13 Ultimate Team has already been launched for the PC, PSP, and the Xbox. This EA game has managed to conquer the greatest interest of gamers all over the world. As thisis a great strategy game, earning coins to get the right set of player and forming the ultimate team is an essential. Most gaming guides include traditional coin making strategies and usually does not include the use of coin generators. In this article, we will see the difference between the traditional coin making strategies used in FIFA and the controversial use of coin generators. By the end on the article, you will gain a better perspective of how you can make more coins and win this FIFA season.

Traditional Coin Making Strategies:
The traditional ways to gain more coins that you can still use in fifa 13 coin generator are monopolizing the players, monopolizing the consumables, the 59th minute trading strategy and investing in silver and bronze players. Most of these ways follow the principles of auctioning and buy and sell. If you find experiencing the game as a whole, from the incubation period to the higher levels, then using these strategies will be an advantage. This is because all of this coin making ways will also require time. You would need to start playing the first few levels before having a certain amount of coins that you can use as a capital. You will really learn different strategies and enjoy the game from start to finish. However, if you are already an expert and have played the previous FIFA game series, then these methods will be boring for you.

Using coin generators:
The use of coin generators is not unique in FUT 13. However, it is not a common technique and also not highly recommended as some people consider this as cheating. By using coin generators, players get thousands of coins instantly in their FIFA account. The advantages of this method includes not having to pass through the incubation level and gaining more control over the game by acquiring the best gold players easily.

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